Feedback on GFX

I’d really appreciate feedback on this GFX i recently made, it’s a tribute to the game Shark Bite.


This is really cool!! But in my opinion, it’s way too bright. If you fix that, then it’s perfect! :happy2:

Imo the amount of detail isnt consistent? Like the shark, which is the main element to me, is very realistic but the background and the humanoid are simplistic. Im thinking either finding or making a more simple shark model and making the background more interesting.

It also seems like the lighting is inconsistent (sun is behind in foreground and is infront in background)

So in conclusion i would suggest unifying the style, detail and lighting. That should do the trick!


I kind of see where you’re coming from although that is the default sharkbite shark and the default background.

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It doesn’t look like you used a blender rig, that might help with armatures.