Feedback on gfx

made a new gfx after a month or so, would love some feedback on this
other than the camerawork which is just bad, what can i improve?
this is supposed to be a guy taking out a sword in front of another guy, or something

Looks great! Things that you can improve:

  • Change the characters (like more unique characters)
  • Maybe make the sword stand out more (since I couldn’t see it at first glance)
  • Change the angle of your camera

Overall, love the quality of the gfx, clean and simple, gives off a very calm vibe, with a twist of a sword fight.

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The other guy didn’t seem to care at all that this guy is legit pulling a sword out.

Also, the lighting is a bit awkward. For instance, the characters are very bright, and lit up, while the grass and trees are slightly darker.

Other than that, I’d add some more models to your render, and more action.


it looks really good however i’d imptove the trees, they don’t fit because 1. they’re 2d 2. huge trees just made small don’t rly fit. Still looks dope.

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*small trees made huge
do you mean the leaves being 2d or what? what is 2d? everything here is made in blender

so what I meant is that those trees aren’t the size of the noobs, I thought they were 2d aswell mb.