Feedback on GFX

hii i made these yesterday and wanted feedback!


very nice very good work!!!

how much do you think its worth

somewhere around $ 10, I honestly I don’t know
if you are talking about robux then also somewhere around 590 robux

I like the cartoon outline look in the first one.

The head on the 2nd one seems weird. Add lighting to make it look better too. It currently looks a bit boring. And add something to the black rectangle left of the character.
For the 1st one, the CelShading is just unnecessary and adds extra bulk. The light bulb is black somehow and the rope for the plant doesn’t fit the rope on the model.

Your GFX is kinda cool, but the 2nd image is weird because the head is little flying. Anyways keep working on them! :happy1:

Hello! :wave: :smile:

One big mistake I see common with these kinds of GFX’s is that the lighting doesn’t make sense.

The lighting looks like the sun is setting or it’s Golden hour, try adding an HDR of a sunset so we can see out the window! :window: :sun_behind_large_cloud:

Also, you should try adding some rim lighting to the parts that are facing towards the light! :slight_smile:

Though a bit brutal, perhaps add better lighting, and emission on the lightbulb shown in the top image. So far, I would price both at 25 ROBUX each or a quarter in USD. It lacks in multiple aspects. Though, I see the effort you made. Always put the render in your perspective. If you are the character in the bottom render, you would have sun coming through the window, the light from your phone vibrating on your character, and the light glowing in the room. As I believe you are probably new to making GFXs, you should take my advice dearly. Overall, this requires improvements, but that is where you make progress. Goodluck!

I actually like the first image compared to the second one. I love the way you placed outlines around the image as it gives it a cartoony effect. I LOVE cartoon themed stuff :+1:

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