Feedback on gfx

just made a gfx, after like 2 years i think? anyway i need feedback so be harsh idrc


There is not too much to complain about since it’s just a stylized character.

Overall the image is good, as I don’t know anything about the idea or reasoning, I can’t critique it too much. However, I can still critique a couple things nonetheless.

  • Your text doesn’t quite fit the scene, it appears like Bubble text would do better, or your foreground lines are too close and too blurry such that the contrast between is too strong.

  • The foreground lines that appear like a splash on the camera could use work. Either provide more depth to them, better visualize more layers of the splashing, or make a new concept more like splashed water or ‘goo’ than wiggly lines.


I mean watermark could be bigger it’s an easy steal for someone idk why they would steal it but thats about it cuz its a gfx of your avatar so its how you want it to look.

Legs could be posed a bit more