Feedback on GFX

Hello! My name is QWERTZY, and i have been into GFX for about 3-4 months (including like a month break from it).
I made 3 types of GFX profile pictures, but something is always missing.

(By the way im aware that they are not watermarked, you can use them, i dont care, they are just simply for me to test my skills.)

Here is the first style (personally my favorite)

Second one

And third one

Since i havent been practicing gfx for too long, i need some feedback on how to do better.
Here is someone that i really look up to, @SoftGB and @i5k .

Here is one of SoftGB’s Thumbnail:
And one thing i need specifically help with, is on how to do the effects and lightning.
Then here is one of i5k’s thumbnail:
Which i need help with the textwork.

If you have any feedback/help, i will greatly appreaciate it!
(Also applogies for my english, it is not my native language)


Hi Qwertzess,

First off, I want to talk about how I like all the photos you sent. I’d have to say that the quality is what stands out to me. My favorite one out of the ones you sent would be #3. It looks very unique and it is a tech-sharp image. I also enjoy the background as it flows with the character’s outfit. Your second photo was kind of confusing… I didn’t know what was going on… but maybe that’s what someone would want their profile photo to look like. Once again, #2 is a tech-sharp photo. And #1 I really enjoy because of the background. The designs in the back complement the character and it reminds me of lightning and Pikachu (lol). Also the little cat in #1s left hand is cool.

Keep up the great work. You’re definitely on the right path.