FeedBack on GFX

I appreciate all feedback!


It would be useful if you gave information about what is going on in the Graphics that you’ve made, or you could perhaps explain what kind of game is it made for.

The quality is really great overall I see the water reflection but I see no rain or a sign of rain, and its slightly cloudy so I that might help your statement of the water reflection.

Great job! :+1:


I was thinking of adding rain, but I was in a crunch for time so I couldn’t add it. Thanks for your input though!

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Would be useful on what the is going to be used for/ what the game is, but the GFX looks pretty good. Maybe you should add more to the background rather than just a hill, maybe add

  • dead trees
  • dead flowers/mushrooms
Improvement Example

This probably isn’t a good example but I just wrapped this up with some random images from google just to show you an example of a rain, also you might want to have a better quality on rendering I noticed the rendering quality of the image is low.

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I will upload a better version on my twitter, “@GestRBLX