Feedback on GFX

Hi everyone! (Again)

I made a GFX! (Again)

This GFX is my first rig and first GFX on blender 2.8.

Please give your honest opinion on this GFX.

(I do notice one of the antlers is transparent.)


Overall, I think it’s very nice.

The background is a bit bland though, could use some more color, or details. Other than that, I have nothing much to say. Keep up the good work! :slightly_smiling_face:

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i agree. Maybe you can give it a transparent background and add the background in a photo editor.

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This is pretty good, but the background is pretty bland.

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I see. A really slim and great GFX. Try to add more lighting to the robloxian making it more shiny and attractive. Keep up with the amazing work! :tada: