Feedback on GFX

I made this GFX for a friend.

Note: Anyone that steals this GFX won’t get away with it, I posted this all over my social media. And a lot of people noticed it. Stealers will get reported and tracked down until termination.


To prevent theft of artwork, add a watermark, preferably big and across the middle of the art, so it can’t be wiped off with photoshop. Tracking someone down just to terminate them for theft of artwork seems way too daunting and hard.

Other than that, the artwork is great! I love the aesthetic of it overall, maybe adding some shadows could make it even better, but it’s a solid 7/10 from me! Hope this helped.


Well, i don’t know about you, but that’s a 9/10 from me. I love everything about it. I do agree with Boba’s statement on the shadow adding, though.


It looks very beautiful! I especially love the shadow / reflect effect on the grass / flower pots. I love the textures on the table. I do not understand why there is a random building / lamp above the flowers.

Floating Object

Other than that floating building or flower, it’s 10/10. It’s amazing.

I really like it the colour scheme is on point. One thing I will say is it looks a bit cluttered and the image in the background is a bit odd, but other than thats it’s amazing. Well done!

This isn’t bad. I just wish shadows were more prominent to break up the super-bright-contrasty areas of the image.

Overall, this is a brilliant GFX. The only thing that bothers me somewhat is the Ice in the Boba. It colour is toned more gray rather than blue. Consider colouring the ice with a nicer light blue and maybe add a reflection or transparency, which ever you prefer to give a more glossy texture.

It looks really nice! Though, the lantern is floating for some reason, and the cat looks kinda weird, I think that because of the eyes, which look really popped-out.

Looks good, but there is a problem with the looping texture, you can see where it loops right by the bottom of the table. And the bicycle is in the floor slightly.

Great GFX you made, I’d suggest you to make the shadows more visible. Besides that, I think you need a denoiser for the GFX since the mirror/glass part seems a bit noisy. And as mentioned, fix the floating lantern problem. Last but not least,
The floor looks like it was cut in half, you might wanna fix that too.

But overall, it’s an amazing GFX for a beginner, the builds are very detailed and the poses are perfect. Keep up the great work! :wink:

the lantern is floating mid air:



I suggest adding shadows to make it pop out and to address your problem about stealing watermarks are very useful.

Looks really nice! Did you make the buildings in the background too?

No, I did not. They were free models. I was doing this for my friend. It’s only for fun, not business.

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Yeah i was just wondering, Its still awesome even though you had some free models, after all its gfx!