Feedback on GFX

So this is one of millions of my thumbnails pls give an honest feedback,also I just finished this today.

Thank you


This looks absolutely amazing! Top notch quality in my opinion. The logo, and the GFX are both very well made. The way you did it really communicates that night watch feel.

The only thing I would say, is that the contrast between the logo and the background is a little strange in my opinion. A bright orange cartoony logo, on a dark shadow filled prison scene, is a tad a weird. Both of the elements themselves are amazing, I just don’t know how well they go together. The bright logo sucks the attention away from the GFX.

Overall though, I love the amount of detail you put into everything from the lighting, to the textures on the wall.

Keep up the great work!

P.S. Did you take the logo from another game? I looked up “Prison Simulator” on the web, and it seems to be the logo for a preexisting game.

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Thank you for your honest feedback and you are right that the logo doesn’t seem much with the GFX also the logo isn’t mine because I don’t know how to make logos like this so yea this is the original one so you can see if there is something other wrong