Feedback on GFX

Hi! I’ve recently started creating ROBLOX GFX, specifically 2 days ago. I’m wondering how I can improve, mostly on my backgrounds and the lighting of my renders. Any tips will be appreciated!!

(Please don’t mind the random words. These were all just made for practice!)

Software :
Renders - Blender
Editing - Photoshop


Thats is very good for a girl who started rendering in 2 days i would recommend you to other people

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

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Here’s some of my feedback:

Firstly, try not to be too harsh on the face lighting: Though it is a nice feature to the GFX, I find it unsatisfying and distracting. Maybe you could just tone down the lighting a little on the face, or maybe try shading it out a bit? Here’s an example [NONE OF THESE GFXs BELONGS TO ME]:

Secondly, the camera shot should come from different angles. I know that most of the GFXs camera points are mainly straight, but it seems unoriginal and quite often used too much. So, maybe you can try to find new angles to make your GFXs look unique! Here’s an example [NONE OF THESE GFXs BELONGS TO ME]:

Thirdly, the GFX seems to lack a little lighting and shading. Here are a couple tips on how to improve that: You may simply position on where you want the light to beam down on the character, once you are happy on where you have positioned your lighting point - you may start on the shading. Shading is mostly recommended to where you have objects on your character. Most likely hats, gear, and etc. Here’s an example [NONE OF THESE GFXs BELONGS TO ME]:

Finally, settings: Background [SET 3], Middle-ground [SET 2], and View [SET 1]. These sets are MOSTLY important when it comes to GFXs. Treat these settings as layers!
Background is where you may add variations of objects [trees, cars, etc.] and images to show the audience where the character is.
Middle-ground is where the character(s) and the objects that they’re holding SHOULD belong.
View is where you may add titles, or figures in front of the character: These may include Group titles [TITLE], usernames [TITLE], butterflies [FIGURE], petals [FIGURE], etc. Nonetheless, you may whatever you may please on Set 3 (optional).
Here’s an example [NONE OF THESE GFXs BELONGS TO ME]:

Overall, I think you’re doing wonderful! As stated, you started 2 days ago - and I’m impressed, keep up the great work. I hope none of this feedback offends or disrespects you personally. :pleading_face:


I appreciate this so much!! I’m sure I’ll be able to improve from the feedback you’ve given me. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll try my best to follow your tips. Again, thank you!

First of all, for going graphic designing for 2 days they look decent from my point of view.

The different designs look alright and put together very well i like the style your going for the lighting put into the design is smooth you should change up the posing the ones you showed feature similar, looks the only one i saw that changed is the very bottom one.

Try to make the characters going different things instead of looking straight into the camera perhaps too characters socializing together something simple always start small instead of going to huge improvements.

The only thing I’ll work on is your posing it seems like you switch the too characters different sides to not feature the exact posing maybe add something that the player could hold like book a cloths something that you like

Some issues I saw is the posing the lighting is on point nicely just starting off. Hope to see what you’ll take this in the future!


These are some of the best GFX I’ve seen in awhile! You’re so talented! My only suggestion is to not be so harsh with the face lighting, and texture. Other than that, you’re so good ugh!


I really like this, but the lighting is sorta off but for starting 2 days ago, that’s good.

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Hey there! I really like your GFXs!

It is unrelated, but I think this should be in the Cool Creations category instead of Art Design Support.

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Very nice for a beginner! Although I recommend checking out Sheasu’s Shading tutorial for photoshop!

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It looks great, keep up the good work! :smiley:

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My GOD this is great!! I just recommend tuning down the lighting, as others said. And it’s your second day, and you’re better than I am!!

I just feel the fonts are a little… Unreadable. If you changed the fonts, though, that’s a 500 robux GFX right there!

Best of luck with making GFX!

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