Feedback on gfx

Hey simple pls give feedback be harsh i really do not mind.

User: Jojogamezyt


Hello @helpfulllukemaster1,

I think the GFX looks good if you have only just started doing them. I think the hands really need to be changed so they look the same and also there is not really much you have done but moved the head a little and the arms and put a black background on. You should try to make it a little more advanced like a background of a room were the user is doing something in.


this was really just a quick gfx but thanks for the feedback

I would give the background a different color scheme I see the lighting casting shadows but it isn’t too visible to notice even though this is just a practice design perhaps more characters in the image or something to make it stand out as well as enhance the shadow on the surface.

Perhaps you could include your little touches and techniques, the character should be more placed on the ground it looks like it’s floating from my point of view. If you plan to improve it more further in the future this is just something you could possibly take, otherwise it’s not bad keep improving.

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I would use a different color scheme as it’s a bit too dark. If you need fonts, you can go to and download some. If you need tips, feel free to ask. You can use YouTube to help you.

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the feet seem to be floating instead of standing on the floor. might wanna fix that.

Good GFX tho.

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