Feedback on GFX

Hello, im very new to this and this is my first “artwork”!!


Would you mind reuploading the image? It doesn’t look like it loaded.

Your using dual lighting which is ok but has a use case and you need to know when to use it. If your goal is to have a playful exciting artwork then it’s a good approach if it’s more serious then I’d advise a 3 point light setup or HDRI. Your character also seams out of place on the side. Either add another object to his right and move him over a bit to follow the 3-point grid rule to add balance or center him better.

Here is a good example of balance.



I really like this GFX design, it has a really artsy design and the lighting nearby the sword and all around the background of this Knight is nicely worked on.

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Please embed your image to the thread so it doesn’t create a download link it’ll be more helpful instead of downloading a image to see what you’ve created or made.

Normally the design looks good but there isn’t much going on here there too types of lighting source (purple - red) you should move the sun light somewhere in the corner or above, so it doesn’t create a heavy lighting flashing on the characters arm and smaller parts on his face. I feel like the material clothing look a little washed out it seems to have black colors on it i’m assuming that’s how it looks like.

Perhaps include one lighting source and moving them around the character, you should move them to it’s proper ways you have one that’s lower then the other one try to move them away from the character so it doesn’t create those bright appearance. Nonetheless, it’s alright but could be better when you plan

Thank you guys so much for your feedback! I will do my best to improve.

The pose looks a bit strange, maybe move his torso and legs a bit. The red lighting on the arm looks like a really heavy overlay, maybe try turning down the opacity, but other than that, it’s great!

I’m not a GFX Maker, but from my point of view I can tell it looks pretty great.

Not sure what you were going for but there isn’t really a need for the excessive lights. Also try turning on denoising, there is definitely some visible noise in the render.