Feedback on GFX


this icon can attract peoples?


This looks pretty cool i really like it! but i don’t really like the “New” card on the top left corner try making it a bit better and i think it will attract people.

how better? (30 characters…)

different colors probably [30 ch]

Here is an example:

That GFX looks awesome! For the “New” card, maybe you can make the text color white and maybe you can add a drop shadow for the text. Overall, looks like an awesome GFX! :+1:

I agree with everyone else, the ‘new’ card doesn’t look the greatest. maybe try making it rounded, cor making it ‘ribbon-like’ if you get what I mean. The render and background look amazing, well done!

The GFX looks amazing, but in my opinion, remove the “NEW”. Everyone here is stating that you should fix it, but in my preference I do not think a “NEW” sign is necessary.

Other than that it looks good with the fires in his hands. :fire:

Ty too much, maybe yes, i should remove it from the icon