Feedback on GFX

hi guys! please feel free to give any feedback on my latest GFX!


Wow, incredible job! It looks great. :+1:


thanks so much, I appreciate it!

A little too bright, but overall, looks good!


Looking good mate! I think there maybe are too much lights. The ground looks good. you should maybe add building. Thats pretty much it :smiley:


yeah thanks for the constructive criticism!! i should lower the exposure a bit indeed

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thanks yeah maybe i’ll lower the exposure of the lights next time, i appreciate your criticism!!

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Oow, wow …
excellent job, developer brother.
You have a lot of talent for GFX, I only recommend improving two things:

  • There is a lot of brightness and my eyes get tired, I recommend improving the lighting.
  • Colors are a bit monotonous (I only see white and gray) You can try different color combinations to make your work look even cooler.

If you improve these things you will see how your GFX becomes a masterpiece. :wink:

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It looks good but the is a bit too bright, but other then that it looks pretty good! :slight_smile:


Looks nice but it looks so bright a lot of it just blends together in a bad way, be a little careful when turning up the brightness