Feedback on GFX

Feedback GFX
Hi there! Recently I’ve created this, GFX, I would love to hear some feedback!
It did take me around 1 hour to create this in total.

Thanks for reading!


Awesome GFX, The walls and the clothes look sick! I hope you will make a topic about how to make the walls so realistic and make the clothes look cool!

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Interesting GFX, keep going with the work i like it.

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That look so realistic! Keep up the amazing work!

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In one hour, this is really well made! I feel this is realistic and simple. love it good job!

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Great job! I really like how the clothing of the character and walls look! The only thing I can think of improvement wise is getting rid of the noise. For example, you can see a lot of noise in these two places:

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How did you make the clothes stick out


Using the blender 3d clothing and a special rig I made.

Thanks! I see, I’ll get rid of that.

Cool GFX keep it up :grinning:

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Bro i dont see any problem in the GFX,the shirts are really good,the walls are perfect,the lighting is in a really good position,and the 2 knifes are in diferent styles and the floor is shinny,i like it,10/10 really good job

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This a really good gfx, though I do think theres a few things you can touch up

  • The hood accessory is sticking into his torso, a way you can fix this is by importing the hoodie separately and rotating it on its own

  • Theres a small gap between the walls- im sure you know about this

  • Where is that light coming from? Its a dark alley and then I just see a big light reflection on the wall.

  • Those bumps on his torso-are they meant to be muscles? They look pretty out of place

  • This is a little unnecessary but, his knife looks a little out of place the ways he is holding it (this could just be me)
    pretty cool gfx edit

Overall a pretty cool Gfx Im sorry if this comes out harsh, I really don’t mean it that way.

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Thanks for the feedback! I will improve it! About the muscles, no they aren’t, the shirt is just hanging there.

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How did you made the rig? I tried making a rig before using the R6 roblox default rig but when I bevel and remesh it because the mesh is messy, the UV map gone away. I have no idea how to make accuracy UV map because when I do it, it will gonna take a long time.
Also how did your make the cloth? How make stick out and how do you UV map it

And also how do you did rig the your rig? When I am use bone, the mesh get deformation. I not wont deformation , but a clean animation with inverse kinematic

There are a ton of rigs you can find online that are free to use. For the clothing folds, you can follow a tutorial to get a similar result. Here are two that I found helpful:

I think you have to use Blender version 2.83+ for this to work.

In my opinion, it looks good just maybe not add so many wrinkles into the shirt, as of in a way it looks too realistic or just not realistic. I like the shadow backdrop that is used because sometimes people don’t remember that and backdrop (the wall) looks nice and the gloss really adds depth. Great work and keep it up!

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