Feedback on GFX

Hello so I made these Gfx for a group what do you guys think of them


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What I say you could improve a bit is the lighting (just my opinion)

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Hey i dont see any problem with the first GFX but the second one i think it needs more Light bc the background looks kinda dead with no light but the rest is really good!

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I think that it’s good, just make a little improvement. I’m not sure if your or (Mac or PC) but if you’re on windows I’d suggest downloading or possibly Photoshop if you feel like paying (or use a jailbroken version like some creators do, maybe not the way to go but some use it). Pixlr is a fine choice, it just if your able to use pdn for editing it’d improve the graphics a lot more. Another tip is maybe use like an HDRI lighting and or rigs. Again, I can’t tell if there is rigs used in this or not, but if there isn’t it’d be a great time investor to use to get better at graphics. With the HDRI lighting it will make the lighting look more clean. I’m not trying to make this sound harsh or anything just giving some feedback towards what you can do to improve. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to see you improve in the near future with your graphic designing.

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Hello and thanks for the feedback! Yes I did use rigs in both of them, and I started using HDRI’s lately for example in this one

I know its very basic, I tryed making one with a car it didnt turn out so well and I cant seem to find it in my files.
And what do you mean by using a pdn for editing. I also did use pixlr and im on mac. I have other editing softwares like FireAlpaca and Autodesk Sketchbook, are they better?

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Oh, you’re on Mac. I don’t believe is available on Mac yet or if it ever will be, but it’s a good download investment to get better in editing with overlays, text etc. I’m not sure what Fire Alpaca or Autodesk are, so I’m not certain if they are good or not. I know that the GIMP app is also available on Mac, which is also a great editing source when it comes to making graphic designs. For the above graphic, I think the lighting is good along with the posing and everything, but the scene doesn’t really fit. It’s like a dark background type ish as if he is floating you know? Maybe try adding so overlays or other model overlaps so it doesn’t look like he’s standing IN the image instead of on top of it.

hes floating his feat arent adding up with the lighting and he just looks like god

I would recommend using cycles to render especially if your using HDRI’s. To change the background color without any photo manipulating software you can use this node setup to change the background of the render with a HDRI as a light source.
Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 8.40.49 PM
To make the background transparent you can check transparent in the Film tab. This will only work using the cycles render engine.

Feel free to reply with any questions or PM me. Hope this could be somewhat helpful!

Btw a good free photo editing software for Mac is Gimp.

Thank you so much for telling me that! I know how to make the backround transparent but i always wanted to know how to change its color. One time I even made a huge green part and put it behind my gfx just to get a green backround. I also do use cycles because I heard evees makes your hats transparent.

Are you sure you’re using Cycles? Because judging by the sharp shadows it doesn’t seem like it. Also I think this hat transparency problem happens in Cycles. If this does happen this video will explain how to fix it.

I’d say this looks pretty nice, I love the detail.

Wait a second I think your right maybe they changed the default render engine

But I have checked transparent in film before and it worked and your saying im not using cycles so im a bit confused now

According to the docs the transparent option is also available in Eevee.
This may be the issue.

Lighting, background, and poses need some work.

The backgrounds are just plain and don’t show any scenery, or anything really.

The poses used make the characters seem stiff.

I do like this style of GFX/group though.

Yes I see what you mean thanks for the feedback

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