Feedback on GFX

Can you rate my GFX render? It’s one of my first ones. I accept criticism.

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Not a gfx artist, but i like it. It could be better but idk how…

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The render is incredible! The background, on the other hand, is a bit off. The pixels don’t match the smoothness of the render. Other than that it’s amazing! :grin:

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I mostly program, but I do make GFX, too.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I would like to see that the knees look a little more bent and that the sleeve of the shirt does not cover the hand so much

Thanks for the feedback. Also the avatar is my roblox character. You do know how people make these kinds of GFX right? People export their avatar from Roblox to blender than render it.

I know how the procedure is done, I mean that you find more positions that are not so direct the errors that I mentioned, it would be great

The pose is a bit confusing, what is the character doing?

I’m not really good at poses. The character is pointing.

I accepted the feedback for the pose. I was just talking about the sleeves. XD

Ah okay, it’s not that bad, it seems obvious that the character is pointing now that you said it lol

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

I find the lighting and the background are terrible. The hair looks 2d. Make your lighting better and add maybe a vorinoi to the background.