Feedback on GFX

Hi, my name is Ivan, and I’ve been learning to do GFX. I was looking for some feedback!
This is for my group’s Discord server banner for the Halloween/Fall season, and before I published it, I wanted to know if it was good enough. Any feedback is helpful, and I am still learning, and harsh criticism won’t hurt me, just help me


It looks pretty good, the background is very plain though.

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Do you have any ideas what I should do for the background?

Not really, maybe a preview of the game?

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What do you use to edit the text? It looks very low quality, I can recommend you better quality free editing websites if you like.

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I’ll fix it up the text, I thought it was pretty low quality as well, thanks for the feedback!

Looks decent

The background it’s a little bright but it’s good.

Keep up the good work!

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thank you so much!
before, i struggled with the lighting.

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this is the update

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Yes! This so much better! I’m so glad you took time to improve! :grin:

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Looks good!

I don’t know if I am crazy or not but it kinda looks the same.

The background is kinda different.

Keep up the good work!

I only changed the text to make it clearer, and changed the drop shadow a bit, lol
thanks for the good feedback!

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I would make the render a bit larger, as it seems slightly tiny. As well, the pumpkin icon doesn’t really fit the product as a whole.

It’s good But Try to do some more background effects NGL 10/10 for a starter in GFX im a animator By the way and i don’t know much about GFX but seriously 10/10

The design is missing sorting aspects of the related themes your trying to achieve I feel like, you could add some things related to a (fall theme) since you accomplished the Halloween approach add something that screams fall such as square hay, corn plants, flowers, leafs and more.

Including something in it will have to themes within the image perhaps as characters sitting on square hay bales or interacting with each other something that’ll fit a group look group images don’t need much but the themes should be placed within the actual design.If I were to provide any type of recommendation I’ll try using reference images to get small general ideas to add.

However I wouldn’t overcrowd the image with a bunch of things keep it basic and straight to the point.

Alright, thanks for the great feedback, I will update it when I can.

Thank you, I will try to work on it.

Do you have any suggestions if I should delete the pumpkin icon, or where should I put it?

Everything just has a lot of noise. I would render in a higher definition. Or just look up how to reduce noise in your renders. Overall I think you are doing good for someone just starting, but It looks a bit plain. Add more avatars or learn to use overlays and other stuff to make your Gfx’s not so plain. Other than that good job.

You could possibly try playing with the effects if you’re on Photoshop/any other software that allows you to easily play around with lighting and such. Otherwise, I’d personally remove it.