Feedback on GFX

Just looking for some feedback on this new GFX I made!!


It’s kinda dark, brighten up the environment a bit more!

Looking pretty epic, everything fits the theme perfectly, but I’m confused about the blank space shown beneath, in the image.

Apart from that, lighting seems good, the walls have a surprising amount of detail and the character looks great. Great job! :smile:

looks good but u should try to make it more night time with stars in the back inside the blank space and add nice lighting i think it would work good other then that good job

Looks good just add some little more lighting and neon glowing text on walls so it’s looks even cooler

That’s very nice. It looks amazing. The textures are realistic. It’s very good but one think which looks odd the is the blue part in top middle. U can put like a starry night there.

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