Feedback On Gfx/Render

Hello There! This Is My 12th Ever Gfx And Would Like Some Feedback. Its My First Time Using Cycles To Render Which Took 2 Hours To Render. Aswell As Using Volumetric Scattering For The First Time And Textures For The Floor. I Only Increased The Glow On This Image And The Watermark. Thanks In Advance.

I Also made This One. Any Feedback On The Effects?


Love these renders, great job! :+1::heart:

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Wow!! This is amazing, way better than my first time using cycles! The posing is excellent, and so is the lighting! The effects are really cool too! Great job :smile:


Thank You So Much For The Kind Words!


This is amazing ngl.

I love the lighting the most.


Part of the critique given towards a GFX is how well it fits to the game it represents. Since it doesn’t seem like you’ve made this for anything specifically, I can only say: cool GFX, bro.

Also, I like the floaty letters. It feels very abstract-like.


It’s amazing! What is the Render/GFX about, like does it have a story?

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The theme your going for placed in the photo is good but you could possibly give the scene a little more details like for example: character sitting in a chair, having some sort of item in his hand something simple and not complicated to do.

The graphic design looks decent you could add some reflection of the letters on the surface just to have sorting areas with flashing lighting that’s if your wanting something simplistic and not something that’s full of details. Perhaps add another character in the scene walking towards him or touching his shoulder little details are important.

However not much needs to be added it looks good fine already those are just small little features you could probably add if ever needed.

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No not really But I Did Want It To Feel Sad Or Confused.

Thank You So Much For The Tips