Feedback on Ghost Scythe

I love to make low poly/ High detail Weapons, this one seems to be getting to me…Not sure if i should add anything else to this to make it better. Feedback would be much appreciated in hopes to make it look even better! :smiley:



That’s some nice 3D Modeling & that is really amazing, keep up the amazing work!


Professional as always :+1:
SelectedArctic is a great person to work with and does everything on time and perfectly.


The only thing I can think of is the curvy black part toward the bottom looking a bit thin. I think it looks great. nice work


This. Is. Awesome.

I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if I saw this in a game outside of ROBLOX.

Great work!

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Wow this is awesome!
Looks really cool!

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Thanks! Ill have to make that look better. :smiley:

The detail, shapes, and that blue-ish neon light looks absolutely fantastic!
Also I was a bit bored so I made bit modified version of your weapon:

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Thats pretty cool! Did you Photoshop it?

Nope, I didn’t use photoshop, I don’t even have one. I used some tools that I know to edit it out.

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This looks absolutely amazing!

I don’t have any feedback on this piece, continue with the great work.