Feedback on glock attachments

So I made this Glock a couple days back, what do you guys think of the attachments? I wasn’t going for highly detailed, but I would like to hear what you say nonetheless. It has a silencer, sight/optic, and a laser.


Looks pretty okay, with the attachments.

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GOSH DARN IT. That looks good. One thing I would say is add a bit roughness like scratches here and there on the model. Take inspiration from this:
image as you see it has decals as well.

it seems that the topology is messed up around here


Yeah thats been like that, any ideas on how to fix it.

Ah thanks. Ill try my best. I doubt ill ever used a gully textured one though.

What do you suggest I fix? Is it something with the model or the whole thing?

try to keep a consistent quad - density throughout the whole model and try to only use quads. It also makes it easier to texture which is a plus.

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Oh okay, ill likely not adjust those since the model is already given to my owners, but noted for the future.