Feedback on Glock for my game?

Here’s the glock. It’s 15,000 triangles. My biggest question is that do you think the gun is good for 15k triangles? In my opinion, not really. I’m not saying that the gun is bad at all. It looks amazing, I’m just saying that soo much more could have been added with 15,000 triangles such as a more detailed grip, more detailed buttons, ETC.

What do you guys think? Do you think 15k triangles is ideal for a design like this? Is it common? Could it have been lower?


What is it for? If it is for a showcase then it’s fine. If it’s for an actual game like an fps, no. A lot of that detail probably won’t be seen like the back of the grip, since it will be covered by a hand. Also, can you show the wireframe view?

It’s for a FPS. I typically like my guns detailed no matter what but if I request a triangle limit of 10-15k triangles, I’d expect those triangle counts to be utilized with care, and I would want it to be put towards a good quality design rather than the modeler just using that triangle limit to create the gun easier because we all know, making models with high triangles can be easier to make on certain standpoints.

I’m just mixed on rather this gun is good for its triangle count or not, haha.

Couple of things that could reduce the poly count
Reduce the number of vertices on the barrel and the underside of the gun, since smooth shading will do most of the work. At the scale of a gun, nobody will probably notice it. If it’s a viewmodel, it won’t be seen as much.
Reduce the number of coplanar faces, there a lot of faces around that contribute nothing to the detail.
Usually if your mesh is above the 10k tri limit, it’s a good indication that you should optimize your mesh.


It looks nice but you must decimate to reduce triangle count (cuz ROBLOX has 10K triangle limit) and separate elements of it if you want to fit for a game.

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Looks sick, maybe do some more nodes to make it cooler.

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Design-wise the trigger guard is too thin and too long, same with the trigger itself.

The slide protrudes too far backwards, which is why the rear slide plate looks like falling off.

The amount of detail in the grip is not necessary, it’s just extra details no one would see.

In all honesty, for a first person shooter you don’t need that much detail. As long as the game is fun, the model’s quality does not matter much.

If your really serious for detail, there is no slide release, or slide catch, whatever people like calling it. The slide retainer or what its called seems very small and out of place, fix that if you like detail.

Fixing the length of the slide and the trigger guard would help this gun become useful for a render, instead of for use in a game.

Overall, it does looks decent.


Here’s a picture of my glock I made some time ago which is just under 4k triangles

Circled are the details i’ve textured in, and there are parts which i could have easily textured to reduce the triangle count further.

As others have said, there are many unnecessary details, such as on the back of the grip. I’m assuming you haven’t decimated/reduced the polygons after which is a must-do when you model high poly. Make sure you decimate/reduce the amount of polys in your model before use in game.

Let’s say your game requires 50 players to run around all with weapon models, it won’t be every optimized for each player to have a 15k triangle glock sidearm with possibly more bigger guns that have more triangles, so you should limit your gun models to a certain amount.

On a side-note, the model is really nice. Don’t ever get put off by constructive criticism.

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