Feedback on Glock17

Hello! I’ve spent 30 minutes around on making this quick Glock 17.

Please give me some feedback.


The barrel is shorter than the grip, make the barrel longer then it’ll look really good. So far, it’s good, I like it!

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I like it but it’s very very blocky. Also those circles on the side look really weird. And there is no place for the bullet to come out of.

The circles is for grip, bullet comes out of: image

Yeah, i was thinking the exact same thing.

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Will do! I’ll update this Thread/Post soon.

It is decent for a studio build, I’d strongly suggest that you try learning Blender or similar modeling service like Blender. If this is your first weapon build I’d say it is good.

I know what the circles are for I’m saying it looks weird. Also there’s no hole for the bullet.

The circles on the back don’t look too correct to the actual checkering of the grip for the real pistol. I know this isn’t supposed to be a hyper-realistic model but the circles make the model look a lot worse.

Only thing I would say is to make the proportions a bit more accurate with the real pistol, so make the width of the gun narrower, and have the slide of the gun extend a lot further, with the grip being shortened a bit. Fix these issues and the model would look pretty decent for the style it’s in.

god damn looks like i just pulled it out of my lego box

(too blocky, glocks are bloxy but they arent this blocky)