Feedback on gothic architecture


I thought about adding a museum on my game to show future fan-art and leaderboards of top [x] players. I wanted a mix of gothic and low poly style so I built this thing. While it looks like a cathedral, im going to use it as a museum. Any feedback on the exterior of the building would be appreciated.


Looks great! The whole exterior looks quite detailed but also simple. If you want to add some colour to the roof try this old copper roof colour:


I would say make some parts made out of bricks. A lot of those buildings were made out of bricks like Limestone bricks etc.


Like @KateBinTm , you should add some colours onto the roof. Otherwise, it looks pretty nice.

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Like @GamerLegend0808 said, add some textures, such as brick, metal, etc. Overall though, looking great so far!

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This looks very good! Nice build! The other sides seem a bit basic/bland compared to the rest of the building though, maybe you can add detail/textures to the other sides.