Feedback on Group logo ideas

I am looking for feedback on these group logos I made. They aren’t the best since it is the very first I have made.

! This one above is meant to be more plain.

The #s or words are meant to be a letter or name. #s are meant to be the first letter of the group’s name and the words are meant to be the full name.


Forgot to say that the red, orange, and yellow background was made by me but there is images from google. Since this is just meant for practice I was okay with using images from google.

For your first try, they are very good. I remember when I made my first logos!
I’m no pro at this stuff, but here are some things I picked up:
1. The backgrounds don’t really match the picture.
2. The quality of some images and icons aren’t that clear.
3. The text and icons are good on their own, but don’t really blend in together.

There are a few simple things you can do to try and improve:
1. Software.
Software isn’t the most important thing in designing art, but it has a big role. Most professionals use Photoshop, but if you don’t have access to that, you can use Photopea, which is a free, web-based graphics editor.
2. Colour Schemes and backgrounds.
To make a good logo, you need to have a good background. The backgrounds you have used in your logos aren’t the best, so I think we can improve it. Using single colour backgrounds can be very effective, especially when you choose a colour well suited to the rest of the work. More advanced options can include swirls, bars, images (but you have to make pictures of avatars etc. blend in) and such. Colour schemes aren’t always easy to choose, but once you master it, it will make a world of difference to your work. I suggest taking inspiration from others, or watching/reading the variety of recourses available on the internet.

I’ve said a lot, and this might make you a bit down, but take it as an opportunity to learn.
As I said before, for a beginner this a good start. I’m sure that as you get more experience, you will be able to make better pieces of work.

Good luck.

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I think your group logos are pretty solid! Although I wouldn’t use Google photos to make some of them. Because some of them might be copyrighted. But, overall, I think these are pretty good group icon ideas!

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