Feedback on group


Hello! I currently have a group which is a bit dying.

My group

I am currently making a game and I uploaded some clothing for it. Does anyone have tips to have a bit of energy on my group. I make clothing and games on it. The games as you can see where updated long time ago. As my upcoming game is me making a game from scratch and learning to code.
The old games will be updated when I finish the game I am currently working on.

Plans for sponsor/ads

I plan to spend 300 (group fund) and more when the game releases. The game will first have a demo that I will sometimes make public temporarily for testing purposes.

Game info

When the demo is released I plan to spend 300 robux on sponsors (because ads aren’t being played on mobile).
When the full game gets released, it won’t be finished but I will charge 25 robux for people to have early access.
When it is free I will spend around 1K robux to advertise it.

Extra info on the upcoming game:
It’s a FNAF fangame. Meaning 5 nights. So when the full version is out a few nights will be available. When night 5 is beaten there will be extra (levels, cutscenes etc).

I might forget to leave in extra info.


Any tips on having an active group. And does my sponsor/ad plan could work or totally fail. The fee slows me down on making clothing since a barely make robux (if any). It is rare to have sales

Thank you for your time.

You might wanna make sure your game is supported on mobile and other devices. And make sure you have testers. Since mobile can be a massive boost to visists and playerbase.

Make sure there are no bugs before launching ads/sponsers since that might cause people to dislike and for new people not to the play the game seeings the dislike and like ratio

Maybe give people who test early special perks to make them want to be excited for the game. Give out sneak peaks that can really hype up your group.

300 is pretty decent for a first game but don’t expect too many visits and make sure to launch at the right time (when there is most likely going to be a lot of clicks/visits) I’ve seen you on the dev forum a bit now about this fnaf and having made my own just recently ts quite a coincidence
One night test at Somethings - Roblox (this just being a test)

Good luck and hopefully it gets a good player base

If you can maybe make a multiple player mode where each players are different characters so friends can play together

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Thanks for the feedback. Here is some of my response.


Yes it will be on mobile as funny enough I test my game usually on mobile (Tablet).


Yes bugs are super important. I fix a lot of them and when I will temporarily make it public I will make sure to ask for feedback (on the forum and on my group). I should also give a badge to players and do something like the donation gamepass on the demo (the gamepass gives a little statue of the Purple guy from FNAF in the universe of my game and a poster of him). The gamepass will give extras that are only available by buying it, the gamepass will always be available too. Maybe it should give those extras too for the testing badge.


Multiplayer might come in later after I finish the game and rework on the old games.

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I’ll also put one of the scripts for ennemies public (a simple one, an example) on this forum on the #help-and-feedback:code-review to see if I’m doing well or I could do better.