Feedback On Gui Design (Follow Up From "How Do You Make A Good Gui?")

So on my last post in this catagory, i asked how you can get better at making GUIS. And i used tips some of the replies gave me, and i came up with this. (first attempt)

So i would want to know your opinion on this because i want to know what i could do to make it better. Thanks!


The red background really (alot, it almost made me blind) hurts my eyes, maybe you can make a cleaner design as well?


A few things I recommend:

  1. Use more pastel color or material design colors and avoid high contrasts like red and blue. You want things like the Paint brush and palette and text to stick out more than the background.
  2. The paint brush has a harsh black outline, but the palette doesn’t. Make them consistent.
  3. The shadow on the “Paint It!” text should be below it, not just to the right–it looks awkward the way it is now.
  4. What type of Gui is this? It’s not intuitive whether it’s a loading screen or just Gui art.

Thanks for the tips :smile: ! (its a loading screen btw)

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Thanks for the information! (sorry for hurting your eyes also)