Feedback on GUI Theme


The goal for this UI set was to give it a modern feel and this was created for a hotel group.

Individual Elements


All Elements

So what do you all think of it and what do you think I can do to improve it?

Chat GUI by @wind_o


This is amazing.


Looks very nice!


A recommendation I would give is where I have circles I would add a frame underneath the rounded-corner image to make it flat at the bottom to make it look more like a header.
Other than that it looks perfect and the colors work great!


This looks great! However, the popup dialogue could use a bit of work:

  1. The “back” easing style doesn’t really fit this style. Possibly consider using “sine” or “quad”, possibly “quint”.
  2. The frame just pops in and out of existance. Perhaps loop through every descendant and tween its transparency.

I agree. The rounded part there is a tad bit awkward.

Otherwise, great work! You can’t beat modern UI.


Fixed! I actually had a frame for that purpose but had to increase the size by a little bit.


Heya ~ i’m here to send even more critics !

Issue 1) it just seems incoherent to me that the kBucks would be a little off compared to his brother TextLabel, it would be comprehensible if the difference was visible, but right now it feels off and miscalculated.

Issue 2) you have 3 different kind of space, i suggest that any button distance on this UI, no matter where the button leads to, need to have the exact same space and no difference should be ever noticeable.


Suggestion 1) This time isn’t a issue, it’s just my very own opinion and would most likely not suit the green buttons, but maybe you should add a little background image that would represent the “main/primary” passes, or the special ones,

Here is a very abusive example of what i’m talking about (don’t slap me this is pretty old)


Very nice.

For the shop
You should keep the bottom of the header flat, though. I would also change the animation on the outline buttons to change the background colour to the full green and the text color to white - creating an effect similar to a bootstrap outline button.

For the message box
You need to add more padding, and use a normal font weight in the actual message content (as opposed to the bold font you’re currently using)


I like the AndroidOS theme you got going on.


Didn’t do this because I was aiming for a more modern look.


Nice usage of RoStrap for the project! :+1:

  • You have some fairly inconsistent design, I would try to make it all look uniform. In addition, there’s some odd spacing on that first picture: between the buttons, the help text, etc, all off by a few pixels may want to correct that
  • There is no need to make people accept the Roblox terms of service. They already have done that. Your hotels thing, fine I guess. Might want to remove the “Terms” part from the button since that’s already in context and the Deny one doesn’t have it. I’m guessing that you just kick them if they Deny it…
  • I think the pop up is a bit odd. Why have the shop visible without a blur but then blur the screen when a pop up comes up? It even kind of blends into the element behind it. I would recommend greying out the shop frame and contents with a cover while the pop up is up.
  • The confirmation needs more white space. I would recommend for primary text that you not use bold.

Wrote this on my phone so hopefully not too many errors.


Looks great! :grin::+1:


Looks good! Maybe add a white border around your name and role in chat.