Feedback on GUI Tween (BETA - UICorner)

I decided to remake my little “intro” since the UICorner BETA got released, and here’s what I ended up with!

Feel free to leave some suggestions or any kind of feedback :slight_smile:


Personally for the circle I would make it spin and add some sort of lines or something so you know it’s spinning. I’d do this for the circle in at the begging and at the end. Also so it doesn’t seem too long add sound effects and maybe some particles like a fire work effect and like a hurray sound when the map is chosen. Anything to liven up the UI the better I think. Over all this is vary impressive and cool, hope this helped! :smiley:


I like how smooth it is. However, it seems like it’s slower. Either add something to make it seem livelier or shorten the time on something so players don’t ‘sit there’ waiting (as it might get boring with each round). I do like the tween itself and the smooth effect though. Good job!


I find it very stylish
30 characterrrrr

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One of my favorite UICorner tweens so far.

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