Feedback on GUI

Hello, I’m A_quisition*

So, I’m working on a game similar to Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. I replicated the Pause Menu of the game, hope you like it. I’m also gonna add a dark theme for the dark gang I guess :slight_smile:

So yeah.

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I’d suggest padding the back button evenly and having a screenshot of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to replace the studded bameplate picture.

Alright, thanks. The white frame is transparent, I’m gonna make a Blur Effect visible when the Pause Menu gets opened. Yeah


It’s pretty good! I like the simple plain look, but I’m not sure if the dark theme would match a bright red. :flushed: Unless you mean you mean something else. I think I’m thinking about something else.

Ooh! I would love a blur effect on the UI. It looks like glass. :heart_eyes:

Be sure to cuve the buttons a little bit too.

I believe that the studs might not be a picture. The pause menu just brings up the red boxes

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yeah your menu looks really nice compared to the origional

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That, just not to hurt people’s eyes

The UI isn’t centered perfectly. :pensive:

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Yeah, I know. I’m fixing it right now :slight_smile: