Feedback on GUi

I have recently made a wood texture Gui on Roblox.

Any Feedback :grin:?

I used Photopea to make this UI.

Learnt to make this UI from this video


Hi there! It looks very great, but I would recommend improving the first things. First of all, I would recommend making the text more remarkable, I would also recommend adding some lighting to the GUI, apart from that, great work, keep going!

Which Text do you mean the WaterMark or the Close Button?

Oh it’s a watermark my fault, nevermind then.

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It looks a bit flat, try adding some directional lighting, it’ll instantly make it feel more alive.

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I like the texture, 2 things I would work on is make the close button have the same style as the rest of the button. (Also make the x a bit bigger when you implement it into the game). Also, it’s not very appealing when you have this amazing textured button, and then a chunky border to it. I would either make it smaller or just remove it entirely.

Hope this helped!

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I have upgraded it a bit

Is it good :slightly_smiling_face:?

I would make the buy buttons a bit more visible and all the same size. Make the center bigger so that the border doesn’t look so chunky. Make sure the close button matches the rest of the ui by adding a wood texture to it.

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