Feedback on GUIs

Any idea on how I could improve these GUIs or is everything good?



Overall 5.5/10


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I like the red and blue parts, they look nice. I’m not sure about the rainbow though. While the background does also look nice, the border and icons/text is a little too saturated compared to everything else.
The brighter portions in the top of the coloured text doesn’t look that nice.


It gives it a less modern feel, similarly to the gradients on these buttons.
(Or it could just be the text)


Other than that, the UI looks stunning. I’ve made a really good semi-functional UI system recently, but it wouldn’t look as nice as this.
Try messing a little more with the gradients on those. I’d rate this a 8/10.


Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make the appropriate changes now. :slightly_smiling_face:

Think this is better? I changed quite a lot of the layout.


Not exactly a fan of emojis, but yes, that looks much better!
If possible, you can get rid of the text under “Deposit” and “Withdraw” and replace it with a prompt by the cursor that tells you what it does when you hover over it, or maybe just a confirmation window that tells you what it does.