Feedback on GUIs

Hello There
I’ve made a special game to show you guys my abilities of scripting and tweening GUIs, you can check it out here (please report any problems and I can’t find an easy to use recording software, I’ve tried Gyazo but it didn’t work out):

And here are some shop GUIs I made today and yesterday:

And yes I used a ViewPortFrame, It might look better than an “Image” xd and if you press 2 quickly in the choosing frame, you might even see the camera in action

Here’s the other one:

These GUIs where possible from the plugins I used:
Roundify - Stelrex
Auto Scale lite - ZacBytes

I hope you have some feedback and tips you can give me,

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You don’t have to use roundify anymore by the way! If you are a beta tester you can use the UI Corner element.

I’ve enabled it but i dont know how to use it…

As this is true, it’s still in BETA which it won’t show ingame and only will show in studio untill they release it officially.

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You could add a DropShad [30chaow