Feedback on Gun Animations

Hello Developers,

I was recently working on an FPS game, for which I made gun animations. I wanted to get some feedback on one of them, so that I can improve and make it better. The clip is a bit laggy, but can’t do much about that.


NOTE: Constructive criticism is accepted!

Any Feedback is Appreciated,


assuming it’s the video’s fault that there’s a delay for gunfire sound, the animation’s pretty good

also try adding a muzzle flash

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Yeah, the gunfire happens at the same time, it’s just the video lagging.
muzzle flash will be added, thanks for the feedback!

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I think it’s pretty good, however, the gun seems to have a lot of recoil. Maybe tone it down a little bit. I thought the reloading animation was pretty good though. Great job!

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The recoil is actually supposed to be more than that, because the gun will be .45.
Glad that you liked the reload animation (took me 30 mins)
Thanks for the feedback though!

When reloading the gun comes out of the person’s hand. Other than that, good job!

Exactly at which points does the game come out of the hand?
I spent nearly 15 minutes on making sure it doesn’t.
If you’re talking about the part where the person inserts the magazine, that’s supposed to happen to show the magazine smoothly going in to the mag weld.

At 8 seconds it floats out the hand. The magazine is then inserted…

It actually doesn’t float out, it’s still near the character’s hand and in fact, the character’s hand is still pretty much gripping it. If you check the time when I reloaded in 3rd person, you’ll see.

Thanks for the feedback!

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it looks a little bit jerky but its good