Feedback on gun model!

This is my second ever gun model! I tried to go for a more simple style. It is based of a ArmaLite-Rifle-15 and Colt M4A1. I did a model like this earlier but I didn’t like it.



Looks good, but it’s really plain. You should add more texture to it, maybe a trigger, and make it look less like cardboard.

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Hahahaha, I just realized I forgot the trigger LOL. I think I made this model at like 1 am.

did you do this using only roblox? if so it looks good but I bet you could make some amazing models if you use blender.

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I don’t want to make it too realistic. I just want it to look simple. But I will add the trigger! Thanks for the feedback.


Hahaha XD, also, maybe try adding a little bit more depth to your gun model, by creating less of a flat surface for the entire gun. Try extruding parts of it out by just a bit and experiment with this depth effect to see if that’s how you may like it to be.

I feel like the barrel shroud is undersized and the grip is oversized. And, looking at the 4th image, the gun seems a bit narrow. Otherwise everything looks nice for a simplistic style.

I saw you said you want to go for a simple model, so that’s fine. If you want to keep it simple, the only other thing I’d tell you to add would be the carry handle iron sights. Personally, they are my favorite sights in the world and look great, and are also very simple and easy to make in modelling. Other then that, looks simple and sweet, good work!