Feedback on gun models

Hello, I’ve only gotten into modelling in blender for about a month or so and I need some feedback on the 2 weapons I have made:

LDQ-01 or Type 01 Electric Assault Rifle:

Sights2 LDQ-01
Sights K95 PDW

K95 Personal Defense Weapon:

Do note that these weapons are fictional.


They look very good for a beginner, though I would suggest using some bevels and chamfers for rough edges, and using smooth shading so the rough edges aren’t so visible. Though if you’re going for a low-poly look, then smooth shading isn’t something that’s recommended.

Basically just:
High / Mid poly - Smooth shading with sharpened edges
Low poly - No smooth shading


Ah, so that was what I was missing for the K95.
I had forgotten to turn Shade Smooth then enable Auto Smooth, thanks!

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