Feedback on Gun System

I finally finished my Gun System v2 and i want some feedback!

Place to test it:

Note: I was to lazy to add a reloading animation
Note 2: There is more than one gun type

Edit: Added a viewmodel aiming animation with CFrame:lerp()

It looks really good

If the game can be played in third person you need to make it so they can zoom in / aim with the right click, this is a feature when the player is in first person but not for when in third person.

I’m not sure where you got the shooting blocks from but its a very cool effect. That’ll fit right into a shooter game

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Thanks for your feedback!
I don’t know if i will add aiming for third person.
If you want the shooting blocks(if you mean the blocks with the textures):
(from @orange451)

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I think you should lock first person, and decrease the ammo to around 10-15 per clip. Other than that it’s good so far.

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Looks good but either the bullets are very large or the hit reg is off:

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If you mean that block in the gun, that is the body attach. Forgot to make it invisible :sweat_smile: