Feedback on Gun

So i’ve been using blender for almost half a year now and I need some feedback for this one model I did. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something weird about the model itself. Any other additions could help as well :slightly_smiling_face:. Pictures:
Front View
Back View


Great work. I’m impressed by all of the simple but visible details, which make the model look realistic. All of the parts flow nicely together.

It looks neat, for the most part. The back end of it looks just a little bit rushed. I can see that the flat surface near the edge has a small bump, and I’m not sure if this was intentional or not.

Otherwise, awesome job. I would love to see it textured! :happy1:

May I ask where/how you learned?

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Excellent work! And what versions of the weapons will inspire you?

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I taught myself mostly but I did watch a few videos about how to make weapons. You can use reference images which is what I mainly do.

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The model looks really good. Be sure to add some colour and textures onto it.