Feedback on guns

I’m currently working on a tps (Third Person Shooter) game with a friend, and I’m the one who makes the guns. I was trying to make a Desert Eagle, but I don’t think it turned out that great. Any feed back?

Also here is an M16 i made, give me feedback on that too

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Is those made out of parts or meshes? My recommendation for modeling / building guns in studio is to make them large, that way you can do all the tiny details possible / its easier to make. After you finish a large scale model of the gun, you can use the model resize plugin like this one for example:

If possible though, when it comes to creating guns overall, I recommend taking the time to learn how to use blender. This allows for much more complex modeling, and can get you more accurate results for what you want due to the tools provided on Blender. Other than that, I am really impressed with both guns being that they were made in studio :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feed back, I have been trying out blender. It’s kinda hard but I’m getting used to it. Thanks for the plugin too!

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Looks amazing, one thing I noticed, on the M16 the barrel end seemed to droop slightly.
It might just be the picture but for me it seemd like it was bending down.
Also the handle seems a bit small, I mean it is smaller than the mag.
I would definitely recomend scaling that handle up.

Excellent work on the detail of it though.

-uD0ge :dog:

Oh wow i never noticed that! Thanks for pointing that out!

No problem, I hope to see more of your work in the future!

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Actually look pretty nice, maybe the pistol could use a bit more detail other wise keep up the good work.

Great M16, but the design on the desert eagle is very poor. You can try to see mad city or Jailbreak guns, they’re more smooth and good looking.

In my opinion, both of them aren’t great. The Desert Eagle is a little funky looking, and it is not proportionate. Here is a real image of a Desert Eagle similar to your model.

I can tell that you tried to add a picatinny rail for the gun, but I don’t know why you had one on the bottom as well. From what you may be able to see, your Desert Eagle isn’t sized correctly, and is missing lots of components. The beaver tail on your model doesn’t seem like it even is there. The Desert Eagle is a hammer fire gun, so it has a hammer, versus a striker. Right now it looks like you just made a striker-fire Desert Eagle. The bottom frame does not have a picatinny rail, and if you did not know, the bottom of the Desert Eagle is very fat. Here is a front view example.

As you can see, the base is flatter, and much wider. Your model looks as if it fires 9x19mm Luger, instead of .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or .50 AE. I don’t know what you were going for with the slide serrations, since they look more like “ports”. Now to your M16. From the looks of it, it is a Colt M16A1 from the Vietnam-era. You still have many things wrong. The fixed stock doesn’t look great, but it seems to be the best part of this firearm. I can’t tell what is on the bolt, but from what I can see, it either has a side charging handle, or is just a random hole. The magazine looks like an old 20 round magazine used in the Vietnam War, which makes sense with an M16A1. The thing that bugs me is the handguard and the muzzle device. The handguard is just a cylinder. Here is an example of a real M16A1 handguard.


It’s not just a cylinder. Plus, it has ports on the top of it for faster cooling of the barrel. The muzzle device really confuses me. It looks as if you wanted to add a suppressor. If you didn’t intend it to be a suppressor, then that flash hider is far too long. Here is an accurate real image of an M16A1 muzzle end.

It is not just a cylinder. Overall, I would rate both of these guns a 3.5/10. They do not look great, but you at least tried I would assume.