Feedback on Guts' Dragon Slayer Sword [Textured]

Hey there again! I apologize for making another post so similar about this sword. The previous topic
was for feedback on the geometry of the model before moving onto the next steps.

PS: I don’t have Substance Painter



What are your thoughts on sword


What software did you use the texture it?

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I only used Blender for texturing the model

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the handle could a bit shorter and also add the same type of design on the handle just like the references also this is optional but add a little bit of rust or discoloration or that black stuff like in refernece 1 other wise its looks great! also darken the handle color


I already tried to do the same design on the handle as on the reference but I gave up - still gotta figure out how to make it. Miight as well make two variations now that you’re giving those ideas. I’ll make the changes you recommended, thank you!

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