Feedback On Halloween Gallery

Hello I’m Ethano78!

I would like you to have feedback on the Halloween gallery that I created!

I would like honest answers please!
Thank You For Feedback!


Way too much blocky, especially the trees. This isn’t low poly its just very blocky. I would suggest using CSG, though the pumpkin looks alright.

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Add more details to the models. Also, try changing the color of the tree to brown or black, it’d feel like you forgot a texture/color.

For the pumpkin model, I’d use Blender to make it. It’s a really small pumpkin and it isn’t perfectly shaped. It’s a good pumpkin but not great.

I will consider this feedback, thanks!

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Thanks, I will take that feedback!

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I feel like the gravestone needs some sort of decoration and texture. Sometimes, don’t just use the textures Roblox gives you. Try experimenting with making different textures, or have someone make different textures. Don’t just use Roblox’s parts to make your builds. I suggest that you use blender. Everything is ok, but it could honestly be better.

Hello there, everything looks good except for the trees that are way too blocky as many people stated above.

I would suggest you to make the fences broken to add that spooky flavour to your halloween gallery, also consider adding some more details to your trees and gravestones aswell.

Other than that, i think the map is okay… Keep up the good work !

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Thank You For The Kind Words And Feedback!
By The Way The Map Is An Example For The Decoration!
I can make a game with it! :slight_smile:

Yeah you definitely could, just keep working hard and you’ll for sure keep improving and you’ll get your buildings to the next level really soon. You got the skills just keep practicing :slight_smile:

Wow You Really Inspire Me! Thanks!

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I love the trees and fences! Fits the theme perfectly. Maybe try adding a haunted house or something to fill the empty space. Keep up the good work.

I was thinking the same thing, Thanks For The Feedback!

Looks pretty great, the style looks unique too

I think your “Halloween Gallery” looks really good i like the details you. Included such as the gravestone, pumpkins, lamps, and fences this really looks like it’s almost a game. But i would assume this is just decorations you have made! However i feel like you could try adding some more decorations, around the map to feel in those empty spaces because it’s a little. Empty and there’s not that much Halloween decorations around the map, so i would try adding some spiderwebs, candles, coffins, open graves, haunted house, pots, grave cross, bushes, ect. I would try adding a couple of decorations around the empty, spaces so it could look more detailed and improved! But i saw you forgot to add a (Haunted House) which would, look good if that was added into tour gallery i know with the different kind. Of details added around the empty spaces.

Your Halloween gallery would stand, out a lot more and you could try making different, kind of trees since the ones you currently made. Are a bit to blocky you could also give the trees, a more spooky look to it by adding some hanging pumpkins! And spiderwebs connected on the branches. Because the tree looks a bit plain i would either try, adding some spiderwebs on the branches and the tree itself and then if you plan on adding. A couple of more details you could try adding some bats hanging on the dried! Dead tree depending if you want to implemented, that into your creation i know it would look good with the final details added to it. And the gravestone known as the (Headstone) you could try adding some details to it like RIP, peoples names or crosses places on the stone to show that it’s a gravestone so i would recommend. You add that to your creation just to look more better and don’t be afraid to add, the coffins around the gravestones just to give your! Gallery a more improved look to it overall i really like your gallery!!

Anyways aside from all of that, your (Halloween Gallery) is really decent i really like the details. And the style your going for i know with the final details! Your gallery would look a lot more improved and better, with other decorations added around the empty spaces and i feel. Like you should add a pole with a swinging wooden sign on it if you need a idea to what i’m talking about i would be glad to show you if you need it! However your different creations you have made, for your gallery looks really good i would just try either, adding some decorations onto the tree and try adding some spiderwebs onto the tree if you. Plan on doing that overall you have done a really nice job on your gallery and i can’t! Wait to see what else you plan on making and adding that to your “Halloween Gallery”, anyways nicely done on your creation.


Personally I like the everything you made but the trees look to conforming and unnatural; if you were to bend the branches slightly to make it look more flowing it would add so much to your build.

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Its spooky szn! I think a Halloween Gallery is a real cool idea, so here’s some thoughts about lighting. Because lights can debatably be scary?

You have a very dark setting, which is very successful in spooky ambiences. However, if you want to set it apart from every-night lighting you’ll have to accent the darkness by creating contrast in light.

So far, you’re lighting your map very sparsely with lanterns which is great. However, it doesn’t have much depth. Try and dim some lights or even give some an occasional flicker.

You also want to have your lighting very defined, so experiment with shadows.

Try and add some red lighting themes as well; I would probably experiment using them subtly without clear origins. In addition, balance the red by adding even more subtle purple or blue lights where the red is not. It will give you contrast accenting cold forest themes and demonous evil themes.

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Yeah, I’m planning to add more to it :slight_smile:

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