FeedBack on "haunted" game

I would like some honest feedback on what i can improve/add a rating out of /10 is also appreciated.

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If you feel like it- please give it a positive rating on the roblox website :wink:

I’m assuming this is intended to be a horror game, but the lack of thought and detail in the map design completely removes all immersion from this experience. For example…

To me, these do not look like buildings at all; there are no doors, no finer details, and no subtle hints to convey the purpose of any of these structures. Not only are these colours completely unnatural, they don’t blend well with the eerie theme of the game. I’m being chased by some scary monster near some bright buildings which all coincidentally share the same windows.

I recommend you try to build using reference images so you can add more content by adding depth to the environment. Seeing the same basic models placed repetitively and recoloured takes away from the immersion and doesn’t really support the horror vibe.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: