Feedback on HD'S Obstacle Course Game (repost because no one replied last time)


I’ve made an obstacle course game with 28 stages, and it was made yesterday. It is currently in alpha.


Have fun!


Hey, I decided to play your new game and review it.


  • I like the style you’re going for, with each level being a different color based on its difficulty.

  • The obbies actually match the difficulty, which isn’t too common with these types of games.

  • I noticed you utilized shift lock and the ‘solid’ camera trick well.


  • Some parts are unaligned and have uneven scaling. I recommend using a set increment for everything (scaling, moving, etc.) to avoid this.

  • I think having the baseplate under the first level is pointless, as there’s a kill brick right under the platforms in that section and the void everywhere else.

Bugs and Errors

  • The conveyer section at the start of Medium is a bit buggy- I started flying down the path and hitting against the walls.

Overall solid game so far. I hope it does well!


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try to fix some issues.


I’ve played through your Obstacle Course and it seems like you tried making a difficulty chart obby. Lets go through what is wrong and good.

(+) are good points
(=) stands for “meh i guess its ok”
(-) are minus points

(+) The obby is fun and simple.
(=) The entire game is just a single difficulty (understandable)
(=) The killbricks and wraparounds are a bit over the place
(-) You have grass terrain at the start.

(-) Checkpoints are stretched and aren’t in the middle.

(-) Wraparounds aren’t lined up correctly (Don’t have a screenshot, sorry)-)
(-) Lavajumps are over the place… Don’t know how to describe it.

(-) Spinners aren’t placed correctly

The game is good! But you have some work to do. I see a good future in this game and I’m sure you will become a great game developer. Good luck!


Thanks :+1: will fix some issues!

It’s nice! Most of the stuff mxja4 said, (I don’t know if I should @ them or not) was stuff I was going to say, but I think you should maybe mess with the skybox a bit and change the lighting. Other than that it’s great!

I suggest you add a datastore to save the level. Also I suggest on the invisible bridges to align them with the floor instead of on top.


Fixed atm for the obstacle course you provided a screenshot of.

My feedback.
The game messy building doesn’t look bad, I like the asymmetrical build around witch the map is based. Its not something we really see in obstacle course.
The grass at the start should be removed, as the basepart if useless and the grass just require more power to the user computer without bringing any actual benefits to the actual game.
But a small negative I saw is that camera alignments are missing, the famous < >, this is not a problem in the current state, as the obbies aren’t too difficult, but if you plant to add really hard parts, that require techniques, alignment are a must have. Another negative point is the medium conveyor, way to fast and can fling you and push you off by itself, I found more dangerous the conveyor that the actual obstacle (the kill part).

Overall great obstacle/obby game, I would return and finish all stages once updated.

Hey, it’s me again.
I decided to hop back in to the game, and I can see you added a few new levels. They’re all pretty fun, and they have the same quality as the other levels, which is a plus.
Keep up the great work!

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