Feedback on Hip Hop Beat

Hello all,

I recently completed a hip-hop/ Lofi style beat. I would really love any feedback you have to offer on it!

Hope you all are having a good day!

(Note - you might not be able to hear the bass if you play through standard computer speakers. I recommend using headphones so you can hear it better, as its pretty low :slight_smile:.)


Great work! I can’t wait to see what you make next!

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It’s really good, although it’s pretty repetitive and could annoy a lot of players lol.

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OHHHHHHH I like this nice keep it up

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As a producer myself, I really suggest you get to learning how to mix asap, that’ll save you so much hassle and will make your beats so much better. Other than that, hi-hats are too loud, too many arps, no consistent melody or chords. The bass is way too much, and i can hear it being muddy cause it goes way down in the octave. Just some minor things you can look out for, still keep going and dont get discouraged!


Thanks for the feedback!

I can see the hi-hats being to loud, but I think you might be confusing them with the Zippa Snare in the third section.

okay well to me they sound like hi-hats

i swear if you used snares in a pattern like that…


I gotta emphasize what @FactorOfTheThird already said, this needs some improvement in the mix. If you are wanting to further your producer skills I recommend getting involved in producer communities on reddit and discord.


NICE WORK!! See!! Look what you can do when it is digital. Everything is great except I think maybe you should change the rhythm that the songs goes through 2 sections(I forgot what it is called) instead of 4. It feels just a touch repetitive. Other than that great job!

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its a steady beat my guy

keep up the great work @CJ_Nelson01, but i think that piano thing needs to be more ‘high quality’

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It sounds great, but a little too dry. Did you try putting any EQ or Reverb on it? Also I feel like the drums are too loose, maybe put some compression on them? Also the melody is too repetitive and actually gets annoying.

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Thank you all so much for the awesome feedback!

I can definitely see why it gets annoying considering they’re rather dissonant chords. I’ll work on mixing up the middle a little bit to add new patterns and a bit of smooth relief.

both are snares and hi-hats are used.

Its an acoustic piano. What do you mean by “high quality”?

Great idea.

Sounds a little chiptune. What DAW do you use btw, I think if your DAW supports VSTs, go get the Tyrreell N6, and there is a really nice synth for that.

you know, like this:

compare that piano to your piano and you’ll see the difference in sound

I use a program called Serato Studio. It doesn’t support VSTs unfortunately.

Fair enough, I can probably edit it and add effects like @Logimite suggested so that it doesn’t try to compete with that.

My only feedback is to make the bass a TINY bit louder.

Hope this helps.

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Feels pretty repetive, but that is something that would definitely match up into some ending cutscene for a bigger story roblox game. Anyway keep up the good work

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Get a proper DAW bro. You won’t get far with that.

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This is amazing! I wouldn’t use this as the main repeating lobby music but this is great for endgames or other exiting gameplay because it really hypes you up. Keep up the good work!