Feedback on Hip Hop Style Soundtrack

Hello all,

I’ve recently completed another hip hop beat. Unlike previous posts, I’ve put this one in SoundCloud so I can actually edit it based off of your feedback. Because of its heavy hip hop drum beat, I though this would go good in a club/ dancing game (like mocap dancing?).

I would love to hear your opinions on it, and anything I can improve on.



NICE track!!! I love it, there only thing I would say to improve on is there needs to be a bit more variety, a little bit repetitive, but other than that Great Job!

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dang, thats great, but its the same beat all the way through, really, add more variety. after the sound drop it basically repeats.

and the piano sounds weird… 7/10

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Reminds me of minecraft :laughing: Its actually not bad, Maybe make the melody less muffled? Not bad if you’re developing or doing homework :smiley:


A little repetitive, but overall not too bad!

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This is really good! It sounds slightly low quality (as in audio quality) but other than that, it sounds pretty good! I’m sure the audio is caused by the software which is kinda out of your control.


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Thank you all for the suggestions. The reason the piano quality could be better is because I tried to add a crusher, but unfortunately it got messed up in the uploading process.