Feedback on Hogwarts Returned GFX

Ok, so over the past few years I have been getting really attached to the Harry Potter Genre. So I decided why not make a GFX based on it, I would really appreciate some advice on this as it is my first actual GFX that I have made in good quality ( for beginners ). Keep in mind, this is my first GFX that I’m releasing to the public so don’t expect insane graphics.

So to start this off, I will show you the before and after of what I did.


In this Area, I got the avatar to work, did some animating and finally finishing up with the scene with adding lights for the final touch!

And then I opened up the Software Blender and added some effects and UI parts…


I made each different effect in different frames, so if anything looks messy that’s on me!

Hopefully you have advice to help me and if so, thank you so much! I will be able to learn from most good advices that have good explanations.


  1. I dont really know what is going up on the top with the colorful like confetti
  2. I think you should scale the text so that it fits the entire box in all the boxes
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I think if you got rid of the confetti in the top corner it would make it look cleaner. good job!!

Ok, so I have attempted to use both of your suggestions and I wish to know what you think of it now.

Attempt 1:

And then Attempt 2:

@PeanutsUrl @BellingerMyBro

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It looks absolutely amazing! Great work (:

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I really like that one good work

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Attempt 2 is the best by far, it has much more dynamic range and contrast which I like

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A thumbnail should be a thumbnail.
Looking at your thumbnail from a distance (which is what most players will be doing), I can’t read any of the text. Remove it.
The only text that should be in a thumbnail is the game logo, and maybe one or two words.

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So, from what I am getting… You pretty much just want this?


The design doesn’t look very intentional, it seems like all of it is spread around instead o fin one place.

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