Feedback on House [Fix Upper]

Opinions / Recommended Changes for the House?
-What will the game be like? : You’re Broke and trying to get Money by Renovating Houses. [Basic Idea]
Kitchen+Dinner Room:

Living Room:

Entering Area/ Hallway:



We’re Trying to keep the Poly-Count low So Mobile Players can still Play the Game without Having the Ultimate Pro Plus ULTRA Phone.


hello ! i hope you’re having a great day today !

your house is amazing, good job ! can tell you worked really hard and put in effort for it.
i really like how simple the design of the interior is, and the quality is good too !

however, i do have some tips for you (these are suggestions only, it’s up to you);

  • the dirt on the wall is a good detail, but if you want the house to look a bit more old, maybe make the lights on the ceiling broken.
  • the floor and roof should not have the same material. maybe consider changing the roof’s texture.

other than that, your house is amazing ! i hope these helped.

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Thanks for the Idea
You can now Repair some of the Lamps in the House :smiley:
-Here’s How it looks like unrepaired:

Also I changed the Texture for the Roof :smiley:

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This house looks very good! Nice job on it!

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