Feedback on HUD

I just want some simple feedback on my HUD…


Make good use of contrast, and yeah that’s basically it.

Too bright.

To be honest I find it really good and i feel like there’s nothing to change. Good job on it !

White text on green button (bottom right) is hard to read.
I’d save some space and replace the 3 left buttons with icons.
I’d also reduce space by put the Time remaining text and timer on the same line.

Do you allow your players to customise their crosshair colours?

I like it. It’s very aesthetic. But I agree with @ManamiWasThere here, it’s a bit too bright.

yes! i do let them change the color of the bit that’s purple

Only a UI Designer can find out the lacking. Looks good to me :+1:

It looks beautiful. I haven’t seen an error. :slight_smile:

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