Feedback on icon

i would like some feedback on this game icon


It’s good… for 2010.

Comic sans isn’t the best font to use for a logo, and it says “Block Game” while showing a circle & cube.

With a few changes here and there I’m sure it’ll look great



just yes.

honestly people might despise you for using comic sans but to me it looks nostalgic. like some flash game you used to play in 2000’s. and the name of the game reflects that even more!

in conclusion: gud

Very nostalgic. If that was the feel you were going for, you absolutely nailed it. The outline around the cube and the font with the gradient makes this feel so old.

well uhh, this really hurts to look at because i didn’t really go for anything specific, should i just keep it like this so it looks more old because the gameplay isn’t very much different from flash games, or try to make it more modern ?

i made these two designs with different text too

Oh sorry if I offended you. Didn’t mean it.
I honestly don’t know if it’d look better if it were modernized. Try for yourself.

nah i didn’t get offended, it’s just that moment when people say you’re a very good person for doing a nice thing but you didn’t really mean to do.